IVIC LTD offers various ranges of robust LED lighting to suit your company's needs. Our footsy 100 clients report that we excel in the heavy industrial environment, such as shipbuilding, ship repairs, rail and steel industries.IVIC's products can boast far greater efficiency than the equivalent fluorescent, high pressure sodium or tungsten filament light, to reduce energy costs.

IVIC LTD designs, manufactures, tests and installs many of the components and products in-house, with our team of highly trained and experienced engineers. Our mission is focussed on delivering products of the highest quality, to our clients, in order to reduce downtime, to increase production and increase profits.



The mission of IVIC TRAINING & CONSULTANCY is to work in partnership with individuals in business, to inspire positive responsible attitudes to health and safety, through informative and practical training sessions. The result is to have an understanding of the nature of your business and the risks that you face on a day-to-day basis, in order to provide you with solutions, documentation and certification that is relevant to you.

Our instructors & consultants boast a range of professional backgrounds in heavy engineering, including shipbuilding, steel, rail, electrical and mechanical engineering industries and the armed forces, amounting to more than 30 years of experience.




At IVIC's COMMERCIAL & DOMESTIC LIGHTING department, we estimate that companies and organisations can make significant monetary savings on their electricity and maintenance costs. This is achieved by switching to our bespoke range of energy efficient, LED lighting solutions.

IVIC's mission to focus upon the delivery of products to the highest standard and efficiency, relfects the same values as our INDUSTRIAL LIGHTING department.




IVIC Ltd are approved and certified by 3M Capital Safety to design, manufacture, install and test horizontal and vertical life-line systems. These systems have been installed in the steel and construction industries across the UK to enable users to be protected from potential falls, whilst working at height.

IVIC are approved distributors of 3M Capital Safety products for confined spaces.