IVIC LTD was formed by Managing Director Vic Bell, who was a Colliery Electrical Engineer until September 1989 when IVIC commenced trading.

In 30 years of trading, IVIC LTD have been involved in projects with many companies, including SURGO, Carillion, the Waites Group and the Ministry of Defence.

The company’s focus is in bespoke electrical and mechanical engineering, for such industries as Shipbuilding, Construction, Rail, Mining, Off-Shore and Wind Turbines.

We specialise in LED Lighting, Work at Heights and Work in Confined Space, as well as boasting a wealth of other industry services, including training and Health & Safety consultancy services.


IVIC LTD offers various ranges of robust LED lighting. This includes our flagship product the Tuflite hand lamp, which we have proudly produced since 1997. We excel in domestic, commercial and industrial environments, which boast far greater efficiency than the equivalent fluorescent, high pressure sodium or tungsten filament light.


IVIC LTD are trained and approved in the installation, testing, examination, maintenance and design of vertical and horizontal lifeline systems. We installed the first Capital Safety horizontal lifeline system used in the steel industry on the Wharf Unloaders at Redcar on the Teesside site in the summer of 1991, which is still in use today.


IVIC LTD designs, manufactures, fabricates and installs many of the components and products ourselves, with our team of highly trained and experienced engineers. We are focused on delivering products of the highest quality and efficiency, for domestic, commercial and industrial use.


IVIC LTD is also a distributor and stockist of Personal Protection Equipment for Working at Height.


Meet the Team



Managing Director: Thomas Victor Bell    



Commercial Director: Irene Kipling Bell


Head of Electrical Services: Darren Jackson

Financial Director: Sybil Yvonne Blenkinsopp


Office Manager: Sharon Hamilton

Head of Mechanical Installations: Glen Wicks


Electrical Sales Manager: Gary Lester