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TeePlug 2 Pole Adaptor

TeePlug 2 Pole Adaptor

Product Description

Features and Benefits

- Components are keyway coded to ensure correct assembly.

- Threaded locking nut guarantees maximum safe locking between plug and socket.

- Quick and simple to install to improve production and increase safety.

- Temperature range of -20C to +125C.

- Grey colour available on request.

- Waterproof (IP65)


- Ship Building & Ship Repair

- Construction

- Tunnelling

- Railways

Technical Details

Number of Poles: 2

Body Material: PA66/TPE/SEBS

IP Rating: 65

Min Conductor Size (Sq mm): 0.5

Max Conductor Size: (Sq mm): 1.5

Max Current (A): 17.5

Max Voltage (V): 450

Minimum Temp Rating: -40C

Max Temp Rating: 125C

Minimum Cable Diameter (mm): 7

Maximum Cable Diameter (mm): 12

Series: TH370

Temperature "T" Rating: T85

Product Code


Additional Information

This connector features innovation, safety and reliability. The installation time is reduced to a minimum and the security is guaranteed because of IP65 degree of protection, dust and water are no longer a problem.