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Starlight Heavy Duty Series - 4ft 110-240v Emergency Light Unit

'4ft' 110-240v A.C. Emergency Light Unit

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Product Description

Starlight Heavy Duty Series - 4ft 110-240volt A.C. Emergency Light Unit

The Starlight Heavy Duty Series 4ft Emergency LED Panel Light is a low voltage, waterproof, lightweight, flame retardant, robust ABS and polycarbonate Class II LED Light fitting, designed to increase energy saving without losing any of its light emitting properties.


The LED Panel Light can be utilised either indoors or outdoors in temporary and permanent lighting installations, where the conditions are hazardous, arduous and safety is a major factor.


The LED Panel Light is currently used in heavy industries that include ship building, ship repair, paper mills, water companies, breweries, railway building and construction industries etc.


Due to its lightweight design the LED Panel Light can be supplied with a variety of suspension fixings such as plastic eye bolts, trunking adaptor bracket or neodymium magnets that will allow it to be secured to metal structures.


The design features also take into consideration that the electrical terminations are external to the fitting allowing a number of plugs and sockets associated with festoon systems to be incorporated.

Technical Specifications

Material: 4mm Flame Retardant ABS High Gloss Finish Flammability Rating  Class 5-V

Body Colour: Purple

Weight: 1.5kg

LED PCB Range: 

1 x 246 x 0.05w at 40 mA to produce 21watts and 1 x 126 x 0.05w at 40 mA to produce 8watts with the total of 3335 lumens

Colour Temperature: 6000k (Cool white)

Input Voltage: 90/240volts AC

LED Voltage: 24volts AC

Additional Information

Safe: Insulated and built to CLASS II requirements  Extremely robust construction  Low Voltage

Compact: ‘4ft fitting’ 1140mm x 190mm x (Bevel Lid) 75mm (Flat Lid) 50mm

Long Life: Average life of 60,000 hours

All Weather: IP 65 Temperature range (-20oC to +55oC)

Energy Saving: ‘4ft fitting’ consumes 21watts and 8watts of power at 24volts AC

Cost Efficient:  Lower energy consumption Low maintenance costs

Low Maintenance: Two wire system Fewer lamp replacements