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Single Loop Fire Alarm System with no Network Card

Product Code: IV/FAP/SL/1PS

Product Description

Single Loop Fire Alarm System with no Network Card

The fire alarm panel will be painted red and manufactured from 16gauge sheet metal steel.

The metal box will be manufactured to IP44, which are the minimum requirements for industry. This IP rating is due to the rating of the plugs and sockets.

The electrical supply to the panel will be via a 240volt BS4343 plug and socket that will be mounted in a convenient position on the outside of the panel.

The inside of the Fire Alarm Panel will contain an addressable Single Loop Compact Vigilon fire alarm system. Access and visibility to the LCD and function controls is via a hinged polycarbonate cover that is mounted on the lockable door of the control panel. Access to other electrical supply, control circuits and the Vigilon control equipment is via the lockable door.

The fire alarm panel will come complete with two unique 5pin electrical sockets manufactured to BS4343. The electrical sockets will provide the electrical connection between the control panel and other fire alarm outstations, the loop circuit, fire alarm transducers for initiating the fire alarm, and audible and visual indicators.

To prevent ingress of moisture, a rubber gasket will be fitted to the face of the box to which the lockable front door is secured.

The fire alarm panel will be mounted to a metal frame that has wheels fitted to it for ease of manoeuvrability.

Suitable labels will be fitted to the outside of the fire alarm panel to provide for identification and date of manufacture.

Suitable labels will be fitted to the outside of the housing to indicate Loop In and Loop Out.

Additional Information

The Alarm Panel comes complete with:-

* Single Loop, Control/Memory Card

* Sixteen Line by forty character LCD display

* Qwerty Keyboard

* Function Control buttons

* Power supply unit for the fire alarm system with a minimum battery standby of twenty four hours

* Double pole switch for the isolation of the batteries