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Retrofit Series - 150W High Bay LED Retrofit Conversion

Retrofit Series - 150W High Bay LED Retrofit Conversion with Up-lighter

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Product Description


- Saves Energy

- Reduces the Carbon Footprint

- Cuts Operating Costs

- Cuts Maintenance Costs

- Replaces: - 250W Metal Halide Lamps, 250W Sodium Lamps and 250W MBFU Mercury Vapour Lamps.


- Warehouses

- Factories

- Supermarkets

- Gymnasiums

- Power Plants

- Iron and Steel Plants

- Manufacturing Industries

- Food Processing Industries

Technical Details

PCB Material - Nickel & Aluminium

Wattage - 150W

LED Brand - HongliTronic

Driver - Meanwell

Universal Input Voltage Range - 100-240VAC

Input Current at 240Volts - 0.625Amps

Input Current at 110Volts - 1.36Amps

LED Voltage - 48V DC

LED Current - 3.125Amps

Cooling Fan Voltage - 48V DC

Cooling Fan Power - 3W

Insulation - Class II

IP Rating - 44

Power Factor - >0.95

Colour Temperature Range - 3000K, 4500K, 6500K

Colour Rendering Index - >Ra80

Operating Temperature Range - -20C to +50C

Beam Angle - 120 Degrees

Luminous Efficiency - >120LM/W  (18,000lms)

Life Expectancy - 50,000 Hours

Warranty - 5 Years

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Additional Information

- LED Bead Design to Increase Lumen Output.

- Wide Beam Angle.

- Quick and Easy Installation to Existing Housing.

- 3Watt Cooling Fan to Reduce the LED Operating Temperature to Increase their Longevity.

- 2mm Thick Aluminium PCB to Dissipate the Heat from the LEDs.

- Built in Temperature Transducer to Protect the LEDs in Case of Fan Failure.

- Life Expectancy 50,000 Hours.

- 5 Year Warranty.