About Us

IVIC LTD is an Electrical and Mechanical Engineering company specialising in:-

  • LED Energy Efficient Lighting.
  • LED Temporary Lighting Systems.
  • LED Retrofit Conversions.
  • Temporary Fire Alarm Systems.
  • Work at Height Equipment.
  • Work at Height Rescue Equipment.
  • Confined Space Equipment.
  • Confined Space Rescue Equipment.
  • Work at Height Awareness Training.
  • Installation, Testing, Examination and Maintenance of Work at Height Equipment.

IVIC LTD was formed by Vic Bell who was a Colliery Electrical Engineer in August 1989 and commenced trading in September 1989.

The focus of the company is in bespoke electrical and mechanical engineering for heavy industry such as: - 

  • Shipbuilding and Repair
  • Iron and Steel 
  • Construction 
  • Tunnelling
  • Quarry
  • Rail
  • Mining
  • Chemical
  • Off Shore
  • Wind Turbines

Mechanical Engineering

The mechanical engineering section of the company has concentrated its efforts on products and systems associated with the installation of Work at Height Equipment, Confined Space Equipment, Rescue Equipment and Personal Protection Equipment (PPE).

The majority of the equipment supplied by IVIC LTD to carry out the above requirements is manufactured by Capital Safety Ltd, who is recognised throughout industry as world leaders in the design and manufacture of work at height equipment. 

IVIC LTD are trained and approved in the installation, testing, examination, maintenance and design of vertical and horizontal lifeline systems.  The training and approval was carried out by Capital Safety (Northern Europe) Ltd, who, as part of the approval audit IVIC LTD

IVIC LTD utilise the Capital Safety components in the design of lifeline systems that meet the requirements of EN795 for anchorages used in personal edge protection. Calculations for the predicted forces on lifeline systems are provided by a bespoke software programme. 

IVIC LTD installed the first approved Capital Safety horizontal lifeline system used in the steel industry on the Wharf Unloaders at Redcar on the Teesside site in the summer of 1991. These systems are still in use today, weathering the elements that prevail in that area: - wind, rain, snow, heat, salt air and excessive vibrations. 

In its twenty six years of trading, IVIC LTD have been involved with working at height projects for many of the large construction companies such as:

  • Sir Alfred McAlpine 
  • SURGO 
  • Carillion 
  • Waites Group

IVIC LTD carried out a number of Work at Height projects for the Ministry of Defence at: - 

  • Catterick
  • Allenbrooke Barracks in Northumberland
  • RAF Leeming
  • RAF Dishforth
  • RAF Topcliffe


IVIC LTD as a company, manufacture and fabricate in house, the components that are used in the design of its horizontal and vertical lifeline systems.

IVIC LTD have designed, manufactured and installed fixed and portable platforms made from mild steel, aluminium and manmade extrusions. 

IVIC LTD is a distributor and stockist of Personal Protection Equipment for persons working at height. This equipment includes the following: -

  • Full body harnesses for fall arrest and fall restraint purposes.
  • Rope Lanyards and associated equipment for fall arrest and fall restraint purposes.
  • Specialised access and egress equipment for confined spaces.
  • Working at height rescue equipment.
  • Confined space rescue equipment.

Electrical Engineering

The Electrical section of IVIC LTD is focused on three aspects of Electrical Engineering: -

1) The design and production of our products are of the highest quality and energy efficient for domestic, commercial and industrial uses.

2) Tempory Fire Alarm Systems that can be quickly and easy installed by plug and play techniques.

3) Bespoke security surveillance solutions utilising miniature cameras, and DVR high definition equipment

The flagship product of IVIC LTD is the robust Tuflite hand lamp proudly produced since 1997 which has subsequently been engineered to use LED technology, instead of Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) technology.

LED Lighting

IVIC LTD offers various ranges of robust LED lighting. This includes the Tuflite, Starlight, Supernova, Galaxy, Nebula and Sirius series, excelling in domestic, commercial and industrial environments, with far greater efficiency than the equivalent fluorescent, high pressure sodium or tungsten filament light.

The Tuflite Series is a compact, robust nylon and polycarbonate, CLASS II LED light fitting, designed as a direct replacement for inefficient filament lamp and compact flueroscent lights. It can be used on festoons, as an inspection light or on temporary and permanent lighting installations. The Tuflite Hand Lamp currently used in heavy industries such as ship building, ship repair, garages, paper mills, water companies, breweries, railway, building and construstion industries. The Tuflite can be fitted with a metal hanging hook (White Reflector) or a Neodymium Magnet for metallic environments, or both for maximum utility. The Tuflite can be supplied with either Arctic Grade, SY, HO7 cable (lengths up to 15 meters).And it is available in 24volt D.C.,110volt A.C. and 240volt A.C.

Tuflite has been accredited by an independent NAMAS registered body, with reference to: The low voltage directive 73/23/EEC which is implemented in, THE ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENTS (SAFETY) REGULATIONS 1994. Madeunder section 115(5) of the Consumer Protection Act and Section 2 of the European Communities Act 1972. British Standard 4533.

The Starlight series of light fittings can be engineered to clients' bespoke requirements. The Starlight series is available in 2ft (600mm) or 4ft (1200mm) lengths and can incorporate a three hour battery emergency light. This series of fittings have been designed for heavy industry such as tunnelling, mining and ship building.

The Supanova series of high bay lighting is utilising the new Thermo-Pipe technology to cool the LED's to increase the long levity of the product. These products are available in 100w, 120w, 150w, 200w, 300w, 400w and 500watts.

The Galaxy series of flood lighting is a robust light for use in arduous and robust conditions both indoors and outdoors. These products are available from 9w, 30w, 50w, 60w, 90w and 120watts.

The Nebula series of lights is manufactured as a direct replacement for fluorescent tubes and can be either manufactured as a retrofit or as standalone product. The Nebula series of lights can be supplied in lengths from 2ft to 8ft and wattages from 11w to 62w and is ideal as a low cost replacement in schools, hospitals, and public buildings.

The Sirius series of LED lamps are supplied as a direct replacement for GLS, G4, G9, GU10, MR11 and other domestic lamps used in the home and office.

LED Retrofit Conversions

IVIC LTD offer LED Retrofit Conversions. This includes removing the components and replacing them with LED energy efficient technology.

IVIC LTD Retrofit:

  • Tube Lighting
  • High Bay Lighting
  • Low Bay Lighting
  • Flood Lighting
  • Spot Lighting
  • Down Lighting
  • Panel Lighting
  • Street Lighting

IVIC LTD offer customisations no matter how big or small the requirement.

Fire Alarm Systems

The IVIC Ltd Fire Alarm System is designed for heavy industry where the following features are required:-

  • Safety
  • Speedy Installation
  • Minimum Downtime

Safety is obtained by utilising tried and tested detectors, manual call points, audible and visual transducers utilising addressable components as part of intelligent fire alarm system. These intelligent system are protecting the public and the workforce in a variety of environments such as:

  • Hospitals
  • Public Buildings
  • Underground Rail Systems
  • Schools

IVIC LTD has utilsed this technology to house these tranducers in robust, light weight flame retardant outstations that can be utilised in heavy industry such as ship building, ship repair and offshore construction modules.

Speedy Installation is achieved by utilising a robust Fire Alarm Control Panel mounted on a metal frame with braked and fixed wheels to make it manoeuvrable and portable. The low voltage electrical connection to the light weight outstations that house the manual call points, audible sounders and flashing visual indicators can easily and quickly be connected together in the form of a ring. This is achieved utilising robust SY armoured interconnecting cable that are fitted with unique robust IP 65 rated plugs and sockets.

Meet the Team    
Managing Director: Thomas Victor Bell   
Commercial Director: Irene Kipling Bell   Head of Electrical Services: Darren Jackson
Financial Director: Sybil Yvonne Blenkinsopp
Office Manager: Sharon Hamilton
Head of Engineering: Edward John Mett   Electrical Sales Manager: Gary Lester
Head of Mechanical Installations: Glen Wicks   Administrative Assistant: Stephanie Coils